"We strive to open the wonders and the beauty of the oceans up to the masses 
through the design and production of manned underwater habitats."

underwater dwelling

Personal and Private

Have you ever been snorkeling or SCUBA diving and wanted to spend more time enjoying the views of the blue water and all of it’s beautiful fish, coral, and other life? An underwater dwelling is the perfect answer.
Whether it is an overnight stay associated with a local dive shop, an AirBNB, or your own private location, the ability to sleep below the waves and wakeup to a sun-lit underwater vista may fit the bill you are looking for.
In time our goal is to make access to and from any underwater dwelling as simple, safe, and dry, as visiting any other location in the world.


While industries are beginning to look to the stars for new potential revenue streams, we believe that the ocean is the future for your business.
Data-centers, energy production and storage, office space, food production, mining, scientific research, space research, these and many more can be done underwater, and in some instances, can be done better.
We offer a unique modular design to build your underwater infrastructure to meet your needs.
The future is underwater! Be one of the first organizations to be part of this new wave.