Atlantis Sea Colony



Atlantis Sea Colony (ASC) has actually existed since the mid 1990s. Brendon Traxler had a “God moment” and saw the vision of what ASC could be. Still in high school and pre internet days, Brendon read everything he could find about underwater habitats that had came before. Having grown up on Jacques Cousteau specials and influenced by shows like SeaQuest DSV, there was the realization that mankind could live and work underwater.
Heading into the 2000’s Brendon networked with others through Yahoo chat groups, emails, and other early internet avenues. Building a Geocities website early on, thus having had an online presence for nearly 2 decades.
Designs went from the typical large dome, seen in most sci-fi shows, to a more simplified and feasible design style. To this day the designs are tweaked and adjusted. Along the way came a better focus and idea on the business market for ASC. The core all along has been to bring mankind to the wonders of the ocean by being able to live under the seas, but has expanded to much more.
We will put livable structures underwater, and people will live there, we will also build business infrastructures as well and help champion on the blue revolution and it’s blue economy.


The ocean is peaceful as well as beautiful, it is also our last unexplored region here on this planet. Atlantis Sea Colony strives to set a standard for how we embark on this adventure. We must be good stewards of the ocean and we believe by seeing the ocean face to face day in and day out, not only will be learn to appreciate it more, but in turn help to keep it clean and protect it.
We can not populate the ocean, and begin to live there with the standards that have been commonplace until now. Our underwater homes of tomorrow must be at the same pressure as that as here on land. Coming and going has to be comfortable and dry. If grandma cannot make the trip, then it is not ready for mass adoption. Finally the transition must be frictionless, meaning that everything we are used to on land must be equal to, or better underwater.
This is the future Atlantis Sea Colony is building.


Projects of this size rarely can be done by one person. The need, and desire, for networking and a growing community of supports is vital to it’s existence. We welcome anyone with knowledge to be a voice and be part of this exciting journey. Join our Discord, follow our socials, email us, become a Patreon member, do whatever you feel comfortable with, but help us change the future.

Below is an interview Brendon did with The Seasteading Institute.