Atlantis Sea Colony


To be a catalyst for underwater colonization and habitation through the design, construction, and implementation of underwater habitats, houses, and hotels. We want to bring the underwater world to the masses via private and corporate underwater facilities.

Atlantis Sea Colony is dedicated to building modular underwater habitats to be used for commercial or residential needs; underwater hotels, data centers, energy storage, houses, survival bunkers, scientific research, and much more.

Phase 1

Our proof-of-concept (or Phase 1) is to place a habitat in shallow water to test design and systems. Our focus is on creating a platform that can be used for multiple applications; hotels, houses, data centers, storage, scientific research, etc. and we believe the way to achieve that is through laying a solid foundation through this proof-of-concept build.


We strive to provide modular style underwater habitats which can be expanded to whatever the need is. Our design and system is an agnostic approach, allowing the individual or company to use them as their needs see fit. Our goal is to open the underwater world up to anyone who wants to visit, live, or work. A stay at an underwater habitat should be as simple as visiting any other destination on earth. No need to decompress upon leaving. If we are to truly colonize the ocean, we must be able to make the transition from land to the oceans as seamless as possible.