ASC Team

Brendon Traxler | Owner

Brendon’s early life was spent in central Illinois until his family moved to Guatemala at the age of 12. After completing High School, he moved back to Illinois to join the workforce with the goal of learning skills to make his vision of ASC a reality. After moving around over the years Brendon settled in Mississippi in 2017 with a focus on finally building an underwater habitat.

Having grown up watching Cousteau on PBS as a kid, Brendon knew then he wanted to get SCUBA certified and be more integrated with the ocean.

His professional background has seen him involved with the creation of two successful business, almost two decades of IT, welding, and customer service among other jobs.

Brendon came up with the idea of ASC around 1994 through what he described as a “God moment” where the initial logo, vision, and initial designs all came to him. He has researched, networked, and been working towards this vision ever since.

In his free time, he enjoys movies, technology, SCUBA diving, and video games.

Adam Jewell | Live Events

Adam grew up in eastern South Dakota where he graduated High School in 2007 and completed an Business Associates in 2010. Growing up, Adam always had a passion for technology and entertainment, and always chased unique goals and projects.

He has spent the majority of his working career in manufacturing where he has held different positions in leadership, lean manufacturing, production control, and inventory coordination. He loves continuing to learn different aspects of businesses and figuring out how “the machine works”.

In 2019 Adam came onboard ASC to assist Brendon through helping with social media, podcasting, livestreams, and partnership outreach. Outside of work, Adam has ventured into podcasting as well as video production. He has also been involved in local state politics, even running for State Senate in 2020. Adam loves meeting people and building connections with businesses and groups.

When he is at home, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife, Jenna, and his two daughters Adrienne and Amelia. He loves to keep them involved in his personal projects and help them in all their interests and ambitions.

S. Babe Hyde | Resource Contributor

Babe grew up on a ranch in northeastern Colorado. He loved the water for as long as he could remember and if there was water that he could swim in, he would. One of the handful of television channels that was aired from Denver was PBS and Jacques Cousteau was aired weekly. That is where he learned of the Conshelf projects and how living underwater was possible. Babe dreamed of the ocean from then on. SCUBA became a part of his life when his father took him for lessons that they took together. In turn, later in life, Babe took his son to get certified and was allowed to follow and video his son’s open water dive. Many fresh water dives, and eventually ocean dives, with amazing dive buddies and family have kept the dream of water life alive.

During surface intervals Babe lives his best life with his wife and kids and he works as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist. Always hopeful for the future of underwater living he volunteers to help Atlantis Sea Colony achieve its goals.