Atlantis Sea Colony


Our focus is to provide an underwater platform for your business.
  • data centers
  • greenhouses
  • survival bunkers
  • scientific research
  • energy storage
  • energy creation
  • hotels
  • BNBs
  • mining

These industries, and more, can be and will be moving towards the ocean in the future. In some instances we have already seen this movement. Microsoft has tested underwater data centers, offshore windfarms generate electricity, and we are just beginning to look more deeply at undersea mining. Our future is the ocean, your business can be on this new blue movement.

Our design are based around a modular approach. Do you need 200 square feet or 2000? Will there be people working in these facilities or will they be storage? Our platform is agnostic, in that it will meet whatever your business application needs.

The question still may be, why?

Security : By being underwater the ability to physically approach your facility is greatly diminished.

Health : Clean, purified air leads to be a better quality of life.

Cost : Depending upon your industry the benefits of water as an insulator, ability to generate your own electricity, as well as other benefits may make working underwater a cost saver.

Other : We can help you understand how your industry can benefit by going blue, and going below the waves.